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Remote Training


Get the personalized attention & support you deserve in your training no matter what stage of motherhood you are navigating


i'm currently not accepting any new clients as i am at capacity.

if you are still interested in working with me, please fill out the interest form to be put on the waitlist.

Are you
to get the
you deserve?



As a mom or as a woman, you spend most of your day giving attention to those around you. You pour into other's cups, but what about your own?

What about the individualized attention you deserve?

Mama, you deserve a workout program specifically tailored to your goals. One that guides you in building strength, boosting energy levels, and moving without pain, heaviness, or leaking all while taking into consideration your life outside of your workouts. Because your workouts should fill your cup, not empty. And you deserve all of that from someone who can relate and understand your current chapter of motherhood.

I want to give you the attention and detail you deserve in regards to fitness during motherhood. Motherhood is hard enough, let me take the guesswork out and put together a workout plan appropriate for your body in whatever stage that currently is - even if that means you're longing to hold a baby in your arms.

Your Fitness Doesn't' Have to End Just Because Motherhood Began

Are You a Mama...


• Expecting a baby?

• Thinking about becoming pregnant?

• Currently trying to conceive?

• Navigating fertility treatments?

• Expecting a rainbow baby?

• Newly postpartum (< 1 year)?

• Postpartum (it's forever)?

• Overwhelmed with knowing what to do?

• Wanting to move without pain and leaking?

• Wanting to discover your body's inner strength through your breath and core?

• Wanting to improve your core dysfunction or protect your core?

• Wanting to learn how to move in a way that supports you through any stage of motherhood?

& Have You Been Told...

• "You can continue doing what you've been doing prior to pregnancy"

• "You can only do yoga and light walking during pregnancy"

• "You can return to your regular physical activities"

• "You can only lift 15 lbs"

• "Avoid doing X, Y, and Z"

• "You can't do lower body exercises anymore"

• "Surgery is your only option to repair diastasis recti"

• "Welcome to being a mom - you pee when you laugh, sneeze, cough, or exercise"

I'm Here To Tell You....That Your Training Program Doesn't Have to Look Like What You've Been "Told"

Not only are the things you've probably been "told" inaccurate and vague advice when it comes to to training during TTC, pregnancy, or postpartum, but most are very fear-based.


You can train and continue movement while pregnant. In fact, you can even begin movement even if you never had! Workouts during pregnancy don't have to look like yoga, walking, and light weights if you don't want it to. But it also can't look like you've always done. There is a happy medium where you can still do the movements and lifts you enjoy while also protecting your core & pelvic floor so you can get back to the things you love postpartum. 

Whether you birthed your baby last week, 5 years ago, 30 years ago, or 50 years ago, you can improve or eliminate symptoms of core and pelvic floor dysfunction such as leaking, low back pain, pelvic pain, prolapse, and a non-functional diastasis during postpartum. You don't have to live with these things no matter what anyone tells you. 

And if you're a TTC Mama who is also navigating infertility treatments, your workouts can play a big part in how you feel and how you respond to medication.

Even if you aren't experiencing dysfunction or you've never been pregnant, you can still benefit from understanding how your inner core works to provide stability and function in your body.


Working with Ashton has been an incredible experience! She has truly invested in my postpartum recovery and helped me realize how important it is to take it slow. The personalized approach she has with her business sets her apart from others. She listens to my challenges and help me overcome them. Working with her has allowed me to heal my pelvic floor and build back my strength stronger than I was before pregnancy.

Corine P.

Schedule a FREE Discovery Call!

unsure? need to know more? 

I want to make it easy for you.

Imagine being able to wake-up in the morning with your workout reminder sitting in your inbox. You open up the app and laid out is not only your workout, but also videos to each exercise and individualized coaching cues to help you get the most out of your workout.

The best part is - you can move confidently knowing your workout is completely put together to meet your current needs and goals while taking into consideration how you're sleeping, handling stress, and feeling emotionally. Plus, I'm right there with you!

Each week, I'll be assessing 9-12 of your movements with voiced-over feedback. I'll also be designing your workout as we go because I know how suddenly things can change, especially if you're navigating fertility treatments.

I want to help you stop feeling scared by not knowing how to accomplish your fitness goals while also navigating your current chapter of motherhood.

You deserve to move your body in a way that honors your current stage of motherhood.

Let's do this together Mama!


Hi, I'm Ashton

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What's Included

Initial Movement Consultation a 60-min Zoom Call where I will get to know you, your goals, and your health history better. Core health, breath, and movement patterns will also be assessed so I specifically where you're at and how to properly progress you

3-4 Customized Workouts Per Week tailored towards your goals, your equipment, and your schedule

Warm-ups, Stretches, and Mobility Work within each workout to help you move better in your workouts and get more bang for your time

All Workouts Delivered Through TrueCoach, an app, which allows for easy navigation, communication with me, and assurance everything is in one place

Video Demonstrations of me performing each exercise so you can see set-up and a female performing the movements. If you're pregnant, I've got some of those too.

Voiced-Over Coaching Cues of each demo video makes it feel like I'm right in the room with you coaching you through the movement so you know exactly how to perform the exercise.

Personalized Coaching Cues for each exercise to help you get the most out of the movement and remind you what we've discussed in your check-ins

60-75min Google Meet Check-in each week during 1st Month to teach breath, form, posture and build your confidence to apply these within your workout as you'll do all the things with me as I teach

(reflects higher pricing)

30-45 Google Meet Check-in every 2 weeks after Initial Month to see how you're doing and break down anything you're struggling with or to present new exercises or concepts

(reflects lower pricing)

9-12 Video Assessments/Week where you send me a video of you completing an exercise of my choosing and I send you a 2-4min voiced-over video back with feedback. This allows me to know how your progressing without having to coordinate a time to "watch you" workout. Check out an example here

24/7 Direct Messaging with Me Through TrueCoach where you can send comments and ask questions. I then get back to you within 12 business hours.

Accountability Check-ins so I know exactly how you're doing both with the workouts and in motherhood

Support so you never feel alone or left to figure it out yourself.

Access to The Resilient Library which is a 10+ hour collection of videos I've made diving further into breath, core, posture, and exercise form.

What's Incuded


i'm currently not accepting any new clients as i am at capacity. if you are still interested in working with me, please fill out the interest form to be put on the waitlist.

Check Out an Actual Form Assessment Video!


Your Investment


Tax Included





Tax Included

For Each Subsequent Month



Tax Included


For Mamas

Navigating IVF

But Ashton....why is the first month more expensive?

Because I want to ensure you're getting the most out of your investment and your time. Your trust in allowing me to walk along side you in your motherhood journey is something I don't take lightly which is why I want to ensure that not only am I putting together workouts that compliment your current needs, goals, and athleticism, but I also want to ensure that you're getting the most out of the workouts by understanding breath, posture, and how they relate to your form.

In our first month together, we will meet virtually 5x times averaging around 45min each (probably a little more because I love to teach this stuff ;) ) We will get very individualized to exactly where you are and where you'd like to go. Everything taught to you will be specifically tailored to you so you can begin applying right away.

"My biggest take away from this program was the emphasis on form and exercises to address deficiencies and weaknesses. This is the first time I have experienced this and really, I'm too old to be saying that. I'm not new to working out as this marks 10 years of consistency so just in terms of length of time, I should know what I'm doing. The other thing I would emphasis is the attention to detail in regards to personalizing adaptions and such as needs arise. Based on my own experience of struggling for years with pain down my left side and having been treated by so many it was refreshing to be told here's how to work towards correcting the imbalance instead of adjusting things back in place or getting told to just foam roll more consistently. The concept of teaching women these skills pre, during, and post pregnancy is great as it is so important in a woman's life long pelvic floor health."



- Denise K

What Clients Are



Ashton’s program has been extremely insightful, she obviously has a ton of knowledge both Of exercise foundation and workout structure but also in incorporating the whole core and how to relate that to any stage of motherhood. She is approachable and will do her best to answer any questions along the way, I felt like I could message her about anything! Her program content is extremely valuable at all stages of life and motherhood, highly recommend!

- Kasey M


How it Works

  1. Fill out an intake application. Let me know where you're at so I can ensure I'm a right match for you.

  2. Receive a scheduling email. If we're a match, we'll schedule a movement assessment to discuss your current chapter of motherhood, your needs, and look at your current breathing patterns, movement form, and core function.

  3. Build your program. With all your info I will begin putting together a completely customized program tailored to your current needs, goals, athleticism, and equipment availability.

  4. Start learning. Before your program is even ready, you can begin learning in the Resilient Library which houses 10+ hours of video content covering all things breath, core, posture, and form. Once your program is ready, I will step-by-step teach you how to integrate those things to your body and your way of moving.

  5. Build strength. Here is where the magic happens as you apply how to breathe, how to engage your core, and how to stack your diaphragms into your workouts. Not only will you begin to build strength and endurance for your chapter of motherhood, but you'll also begin to do it pain free and symptom free.

  6. Build confidence. To mimic me being there coaching you, I will have you record and submit to me 9-12 exercises/week. I will then watch these and submit a 2-4min long voiced-over video back with feedback on what I see you're doing correctly, where you're could improve. These allow me to "see" you in action and ensure I'm providing you with the correct level of programming.

  7. Remain supported. No matter what happens, I'm right there with you through it all. No need to feel like you have to figure it out on your own. I will be asking you questions and checking in throughout the week to ensure your workouts are meeting you right where you're at. You can also ask the questions, share your victories and struggles, and send videos. I want you to feel empowered and supporting knowing I've got your back.

IVF Mama

Schedule a FREE Discovery Call!

unsure? need to know more? 



I've Been There Too

I understand the financial stress that you are under between the procedure, medications, and appointments.

But You Deserve Support Too.

This is why you will receive everything included with Remote Training at a reduced cost of $175 during your stimulation and retrieval period up until your transfer. This is a high stress time, but you deserve high-touch support.

*Limited to 1 stimulation round & 1 month of programming

You Deserve to Feel Resilient Mama.
It's Time You Feel That Way.

  • What do you consider a month?
    The 1st "month" doesn't begin until you get your first week of programming because of all that needs to happen prior to me putting together your programming. The last thing I want to do is put together something that is too hard or too easy for you which is why I do the assessment and first virtual meeting prior to putting together your programming. And I don't think it's fair to charge you for the time it takes me to go through everything and design your programming After that, each "month" is 4 weeks of programming with automatic billing running on the start date of your 2nd month.
  • Why is the first month more expensive?
    Because you and I will spend a lot of time together educating you on all things breath, posture, core engagements, and movement form. We will spend almost 6 hours together in that first month teaching you concepts that are 100% based off what your body needs and what I see within your movements and breathing assessment. In these sessions, you'll gain the confidence to begin implementing into your workouts as I slowly introduce these concepts over your first month.
  • What if I don't have lots of equipment or a gym membership?
    No worries! I work with what you have whether that be at home with minimal equipment or in a gym with loads of equipment. All I ask is that you tell me exactly what you have to work with.
  • What happens if I experience a sudden life change?
    No matter what motherhood sends your way, I'm with you. Whether you become pregnant, experience pregnancy loss, decide to do IVF, need to have surgery, or break your arm.....I'm with you. Your programming will automatically adjust even if I already had it done. One-on-One Remote Training is all about meeting you where you're at even when that changes in a blink of an eye.
  • Is there a minimum number of months I have to sign up for?
    Nope! Because I don't ever want you to feel like you're locked in. If you feel like you've learned what you've needed or overcame what you signed up for, then just let me know and I'll end your payment processing. No hurt feelings on my end because I truly want every Mama to graduate with the confidence to apply what she has learned to her body and use the tools to adjust as she navigates motherhood.
  • Do I need to have a fancy camera to send my videos to you?
    Nope! Your phone, tablet, or computer works just fine. I just need to see you and your entire body moving within the frame. You can conveniently record and submit right through TrueCoach so you don't have to save to your phone, find the file, and send to me.
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