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core guide


Your comprehensive guide to unlocking & discovering your deep core so you can take back your mom life.

Core & Pelvic Floor Understanding        & Integration Made

  • Understand your deep core in terminology you understand

  • Recognize poor breathing habits which are the root cause of core & pelvic floor dysfunction

  • Say good-bye to kegels & hello to deep core engagements

  • Breathe & engage your core during exercises - it's what everyone wants to know

  • Progressively overload your core & how to know when you're doing too much


so that you can finally figure out this "core & pelvic floor thing" & begin taking back your mom life

See What This Newly Postpartum, Mama of 4 Had to Say

"I started this guide during my 4th pregnancy and am now 6 weeks postpartum. I’ve known for quite a while now I have a weak core and need to work on it, but hadn’t done much. Her written guide was very thorough with many great visuals and examples. She did a great job using technical terms and then explaining it in a way everyone could understand. She also included a wonderful video library to go along with each section of the guide. This is an invaluable tool to really drive things home and help with the application of all the things she teaches in the written guide. I haven’t gotten to implement all the exercises as I would have liked, but I have already experienced some improvements as a result of this guide. This is my 4th postpartum and has definitely been my easiest/quickest recovery of them all (even without it being the easiest pregnancy and labor of them all)! I have had chronic low back pain and hemorrhoids since my first pregnancy 8 years ago. I have seen improvement with both of them! I have been able to understand the importance of diaphragmatic breathing and applying breath work into my daily life."


Postpartum 0-3 Months - Mama of 4

You want to take back your body, say good-bye core & pelvic floor dysfunction, & figure out this "deep core" thing that you know is good for you

but you're feeling overwhelmed with learning because...


You're done with your symtpoms controlling your life

But everything you've tried...

Makes Your Symptoms Worse or Stay the Same

Like you question what is the point, especially if your sympmtoms became worse. You feel like you're wasting your time & energy.

Leaves Your Feeling More Confused

You become overwhelmed with where to begin or even how to begin, & don't get you started on when you're trying. You feel lost & unsure if you're doing anything right.

Isn't Working Like You Thought

You read, watch, & listen to how important core & pelvic floor integration into your life is, but none of what you're trying is living up to the hype. You want this & need this, but it's just not working like you imagined.

Stop, Guessing Mama

The Resilient Core Guide walks you through everything you need to know & exactly how to heal, restore function, and say good-bye to symptoms for good by...

Understanding Exactly What Your Core Is

Forget the 6-pack! Your core is a POWERHOUSE system in your body - there is huge reason why it's in the middle.

Re-Learning How to Stand & Breathe Again

You were born doing it right, but then life happens. These are the FOUNDATION of your healing & a CAN'T MISS step!

Saying Good-Bye to Kegels Forever

Trust me, they are garbage. Your pelvic floor deserves better than that as she is the QUEEN BEE who truly runs the show.

FINALLY knowing what "Listen to Your Body Means"

Ditch the confusion! STOP GUESSING & learn what "listen to your body" REALLY means & what to do with the info

Rebuilding Your Core to What You DESERVE

"Mom Proof" your core - ENJOY the playful moments most miss - jumps, throwing kiddos, & rocking colored leggings!

Ashton’s guide was outstanding! Way more information than I expected but in a good way! All the units built on each other in a way that made sense. I was able to apply all the concepts almost immediately into my daily mom life which definitely reduced a lot of the symptoms I was feeling. Ashton’s teaching style is easy to understand and she breaks down complicated concepts in an easy to understand manner. I feel I’m much stronger than before and I will be continuing her mini workouts to fit into my busy schedule. Stupendous job Ashton! You will change lives for sure :)

Postpartum 1-3 years - Mama of 3

I'm Ashton!

Hey Mama,

& my breaking point was when I was 6 months postpartum with my first and barely got off the toilet to tend to my crying son on the floor because my low back hurt so bad

I was embarrased - Here I was a Fitness Trainer with a degree in the field & almost 10 years of exeience and I couldn't fix myself

I was doing all the things - I tried the back extensions, birddogs, supermans, planks & my pain only got worse

I even gave my body breaks - I stopped working out, took a few days off, incoprated more rest, less reps, less weight & still nothing got better

And that wasn't all - Not only was my low back in so much pain, but I was also leaking & experiencing pain with intercourse

And if my story sounds similar to yours, then you also probably believed all this was "normal" because you had a baby...

at least that is what I was told


investment is only


Includes tax

I came into this with only a small amount of hope... I had done a postpartum core program after my 2nd, watched a lot of youtube videos, and had gone through three months of physical therapy in 2023 & saw only a small amount of progress. However, while I had a background knowledge to begin with, I gained helpful information through Ashton's descriptions, visuals, and explanations. She had a different way to conceptualize what was happening in my core and with intra-abdominal pressure. I liked that I could print out the guide, take notes, and flip back and forth between text, graphics, and charts to work to tie it all together. The visual diagrams helped me to picture what was occurring internally, while I was reading some the explanations. As I practiced the various breathing techniques and started to implement the mini workouts, I was finally able to feel the intricacies. I was so excited to feel cross diagonal engagement for the first time in years that it brought me to tears! The mini workouts have been most beneficial to me.
Postpartum 3-5 years - Mama of 2

what if i said your mom life
could look like...

Unleashing Physical Activities

Imagine being able to jump, run, pick up your kids, & throw the heavy weights around while rocking some colored leggings.

Less Pain & Discomfort

Imagine a life without low back pain or pelvic pain where you can do whatever you want without needing to consider, "Will this make me hurt more?"


Imagine a life where you're feeling empowered because you're in control of your body again or maybe for the first time in your life.

Improved Well-Being

Imagine a life where being a mom is just easier. You don't ache when you haul your kids & their things around & you're more grounded when the chaos ensues (because it always does)

Being Present

Imagine a life where you get to engage & take part in the lasting memeories with your children & spouse & not be side-lined because of your core & pelvic floor dysfunction

Seriously Though....

I didn't think healing was possible

I was experiencing SO much pain!

There was nothing I hated more than how I felt in my own body. I had so many mixed emotions of finally having the baby I had longed, grieved, & hoped for, but also was longing, grieving, & hoping for my pre-baby body. The one that wasn't leaking or in pain.

But instead of saying, "this is motherhood" like many other Mamas had told me about during pregnancy, I saught for answers. I knew as a trainer with a degree in the field, that healing was possible through exercise - I had witness & had been apart of that myself.

I just didn't have all the information.

And the more I learned about the core & pelvic floor & how TRULY VITAL these are to women's health, I was shocked as to why this education isn't being broadcasted to all women.

If I didn't know these things as a certfied strength & conditioning coach with a degree in exercise science, there was NO WAY you, the common mom, who is walking into the gym or working out at home would.

So I Built This

to be the guide I wish someone would have handed me when I began lifting.


postpartum 3-5 years - mom of 2

"I have a few spots in my guide that I added stars to and wrote "ME"... so I felt seen. I also appreciated that in some of your videos you were clearly pregnant... it made you real and let me know as a consumer that you've been through this and are healing your body."

in working through this guide you'll...

Know EXACTLY What Your Core Is

From the what it is, what it does, & how it layman's terms because even I don't have time for the technical stuff.

Welcome visitors to your site with a short, engaging introduction. Double click to edit and add your own text.

Find Your Body's Stack

Posture is everything when it comes to healing & protecting your core. Learn how to find your stack in standing, lying, & quadrupled positions.

Discover Your Diaphragmatic Breath

Begin re-establishing this breath that you were born with so that you're healing & mom-proofing your core from dysfunction.

FINALLY Know How to Listen to Your Body

Learn what is causing your annoying symptoms & what your body is saying by then. Then learn how you can make them go away....for good!

Create the Right Stability for Movement

Make your intra-abdominal pressure work for you, not against by learning how to manage it through 4 different deep core engagement stategies.

Recognize What Strategy You Need for YOUR Body

Learn how to implement everything you've learned into your daily living & workouts. This is where the true empowerment develops.

See What This 6-12mon Postpartum, Mama of 3 Had to Say

This guide was incredibly helpful in gaining understanding about the deep core and my pelvic floor. Being able to read, see photos, and watch tutorials on each exercise was so beneficial to properly learn and utilize the material. I have applied what the guide has taught me to my daily routine and to my workouts. Though I was not able to dedicate as much time to working out and implementing this guide as I had initially hoped when beginning this program, I have still seen obvious progress and results thanks to the core guide. My time was extremely limited with 3 kiddos at home, a business to run, a husband who travels, and a winter of sickness in the house, including a very serious health scare that took my husband and I away from the home for several weeks. These barriers took my focus away from this guide for weeks at a time throughout the last 6 months. But I am thankful that I have been able to see consistency in my routine and have begun to reap the benefits of that consistency. The guide has helped me to heal my core after 3 pregnancies, births, and many years of breastfeeding. With young children, it is difficult to dedicate time to focus on myself. But I feel strongly that this guide helped with that. I was excited to learn more and found myself making time to fit in my learning and exercises. Seeing and feeling the changes in my core, and feeling stronger during my workouts is something that I am so grateful for. With Ashton's encouragement, I have also started Pelvic Floor Therapy. I will continue to refer to the guide in the future and will also recommend this guide to friends and family.


Postpartum 6-12 Months - Mama of 3

Resilient Core Guide.jpg

What's Inside?

I should really call it a program because it's that beefy, but I don't believe in a one-size-fits-all approach.

Instead, it's a guide to help you make empowered and informed decisions that best support YOUR BODY and where it's at inWHATEVER chapter of motherhood you're in

  • 65 Page Guide (check out sample pages below)

  • Illustrations and Step-by-Step How-To's on nearly every page

  • Stopping Points to implement, take action, and feel confident in what you've learned before moving forward

  • Additional Learning Videos with each chapter to expand & help you visually see what was writen about

  • Over 4.5hrs of Additional Learning Videos (this isn't including the video demos for exercises)

  • 80 Mini-Workouts broken up over 4 tiers that progressively build

  • Resource Links to help you find a Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist near you

  • Guidance Suggestions for Pregnancy


Chapter 1 - Welcome & Introduction

Learn my why behind this guide, how to get the most out of it, the importance of a PFPT, & a special reminder.

Chapter 2 - Your Inner Core

Learn what muscles make up your core, their location, & what they do. Also learn what is inside your inner core

Chapter 3 - Diaphragmatic Breathing

Begin discovering what this breath is & why it is so important to your physical & mental well-being.

Chapter 4 - Posture

Learn how your posture influences your breathing patterns & why finding your “stack” is really important.

Chapter 5 - How to Diaphragmatically Breathe

An in-depth walk through on how to find your stack then breathe diaphragmatically.

Chapter 6 - The Dirty on Kegels & Your Pelvic Floor

Learn why kegels are garbage & what you should be doing instead & how. Learn symptoms of “tight” & “weak”.

Chapter 7 - Intra-Abdominal Pressure Mismanagement

Learn why this is the root cause dysfunctions, what mismanagement looks like, & overview of common injuries.

Chapter 8 - Breathing & Deep Core Engagement Strategies

Learn how to perform the 4 different engagement strategies I teach & when each one is appropriate.

Chapter 9 - Application to Exercise

Discover the different exercise movements patterns & what engagements you could use. Includes examples.

Chapter 10 - Conclusion & Thank You

What comes next with my last tips & suggestions for success & a reminder that you’re worthy of healing.

Chapter 11 - Mini Core Workouts

Put everything you’ve learned from the guide into application as you move through 4 tiers of mini-workouts.

Better Yet....Click the Sample Page to ACTUALLY take a peak at some pages from inside the guide

The Resilient Core Guide.jpg

Let's Look Closer at the

The 80 mini-workouts are broken up into 4 teirs - Connecting, Building, Layering, & Resiliency that progressively build in complexity so that you're starting with the basics & working to to the more demanding exercises.

I wanted to keep the barrier to implement low & easy to complete so all you need is some floor space & a small ball (pilates ball works best) or folded pillow

Each workout will take 5-12minutes to complete depending on if you pick 1x or 2x through. (See....easy)

Each exercise is linked to a demo video with voiced-over coching cues overtop so you know exactly how to execute, how to breathe, & what you should be feeling.

To make it easier, each tier has a link to a playlist where all the videos under that tier are housed so you can print off or save a screenshot of the tier on your phone & refer to the playlist for the videos (I told you I wanted to make this easy for you)

And lastly, you get to decide the pace. From working with many Mamas, I know everyone progresses differently and I want this to be something you feel empowered by because you know yourself best. I just provide you with the framework & direction of when & how to move forward.


Sample Week


& Know Exactly

how to perform the exercises

with voiced-over coaching cues with every exercise

Check out this sample of the Deadbug - Cross Push


Postpartum 3-5 years & Mama of 2

"I came into this withI came into with eyes and background knowledge from doing a previous core program when I was first postpartum with my second in 2020, and then did physical therapy summer of 2023. I appreciated the different explanations than I had received before."

Brittany J.

Postpartum 3-6 months & Mama of 2

"After 32 years and two pregnancies I feel like I now understand why posture, proper engagement, and not your traditional core work I learned growing up are essential. I can do a million core exercises, but it won't work unless I have the fundamentals correct. I now know the why behind it and the proper how. I have made more progress being 5 months postpartum with my 2nd baby than I was 18 months with my first baby."


Postpartum 0-3 months & Mama of 4

"I am currently 6 weeks postpartum with baby 4 and, even without getting totally through every item, I have recovered faster and felt better/stronger sooner than my other 3. I’m excited to continue to learn, apply and utilize all the many things in this guide. I think it will forever be a tab open on my phone for quick reference and reminders! So much to absorb and apply."

By this point, I hope your insides are screaming, "This guide is for you!!"

But if you're still unsure, here are some other ways to know whether this would be a good fit for you.



☑️You're ready to lay your foundation right and learn the WHY in order to better implement the HOW
☑️You're looking for targeted core exercises to help you heal & protect your core on top of what you're already doing.
☑️You'll choose to make yourself a priority each week by setting aside time to learn the materials & implement the practices & mini-workouts.
☑️ You're self-motivated & have the dedication to be accountable to yourself in order to work your way through the guide even when mom life happens (which it will)
☑️ You're willing to take the extra step to get individualized help from a Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist to gain additional insight on your body & what you're experiencing.
☑️ You're willing to scale back your workouts & include deep core engagement & breathing strategies & ensure those feel really connected before progressively overloading your exercises.
☑️ You're new to core & pelvic floor. You have very little understanding of what they are, how they work, & how to incorporate into your life, but you know you need this.



✖️Looking for a quick fix & don't want to take the time to learn the WHY before the HOW.
✖️You're looking for a full-strength program. The mini-workouts only focus on your core. You can do them as your workout for the day or include them into your regular programming.
✖️Not willing to dedicate a little time each week to going through the material & implement what you're learning or the mini-workouts.
✖️ DIY isn't your cup of tea. You need a coach-led program with more direct learning & feedback. You need the accoutability in order to finish.
✖️ You're not willing to see a Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist. To diagnose you is not within my scope of practice nor the guide's. And you may need more individualized help to connecting the dots in your body.
✖️ You refuse to scale back your training. I'm not saying you need to go all the way back to just rehab workouts, but you will need to peel back the layers on your workouts until you're feeling more confident in your deep core connection & enegagement strategy.
✖️ You already knows ALL THE THINGS. You've taken the time to learn, understand, and implement deep core & pelvic floor work into your workouts and daily living from a qualified professional.

but what if i'm not a

Whether you're not a Mama....

by choice

by not your season

by thinking you're too old

or by the physical proof society "says" is needed (because here, you're a Mama if you're longing to hold a baby in your arms)


This guide will still be applicable & beneficial to you.

See What This Mama Who Became Pregnant After Starting Had to Say

When I started this guide, I had never been pregnant and still found it relevent. I've had leakage issues for years, and I learned a whole lot throughout this process. One of my main takeaways was evaluating how I breathe vs. how we were created to breathe and support our pelvic floor and core. The science behind it all was interesting and provided a great foundation to want to learn the rest of it. It is information that should be more common knowledge, but isn’t. I have dealt with leakage mostly during certain forms of exercise for the better part of a decade and continue to learn better how to manage it. I had learned about breathing during those exercises, but this was an eye opening experience to learn how I breathe most of the day has not been supporting my pelvic floor. I still need a PFPT to confirm but I believe I have a hypertonic pelvic floor so I need to retrain myself to breathe correctly and relax my PF so that when I need it to hold things in, it can. I'm 9 weeks into my first pregnancy and I am so aware of the importance of me investing in my knowledge and understanding of all of this in my own body


1st Trimester - Never Been Pregnant

investment price is


Includes tax

  • What do you consider a month?
    The 1st "month" doesn't begin until you get your first week of programming because of all that needs to happen prior to me putting together your programming. The last thing I want to do is put together something that is too hard or too easy for you which is why I do the assessment and first virtual meeting prior to putting together your programming. And I don't think it's fair to charge you for the time it takes me to go through everything and design your programming After that, each "month" is 4 weeks of programming with automatic billing running on the start date of your 2nd month.
  • Why is the first month more expensive?
    Because you and I will spend a lot of time together educating you on all things breath, posture, core engagements, and movement form. We will spend almost 6 hours together in that first month teaching you concepts that are 100% based off what your body needs and what I see within your movements and breathing assessment. In these sessions, you'll gain the confidence to begin implementing into your workouts as I slowly introduce these concepts over your first month.
  • What if I don't have lots of equipment or a gym membership?
    No worries! I work with what you have whether that be at home with minimal equipment or in a gym with loads of equipment. All I ask is that you tell me exactly what you have to work with.
  • What happens if I experience a sudden life change?
    No matter what motherhood sends your way, I'm with you. Whether you become pregnant, experience pregnancy loss, decide to do IVF, need to have surgery, or break your arm.....I'm with you. Your programming will automatically adjust even if I already had it done. One-on-One Remote Training is all about meeting you where you're at even when that changes in a blink of an eye.
  • Is there a minimum number of months I have to sign up for?
    Nope! Because I don't ever want you to feel like you're locked in. If you feel like you've learned what you've needed or overcame what you signed up for, then just let me know and I'll end your payment processing. No hurt feelings on my end because I truly want every Mama to graduate with the confidence to apply what she has learned to her body and use the tools to adjust as she navigates motherhood.
  • Do I need to have a fancy camera to send my videos to you?
    Nope! Your phone, tablet, or computer works just fine. I just need to see you and your entire body moving within the frame. You can conveniently record and submit right through TrueCoach so you don't have to save to your phone, find the file, and send to me.
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