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Resilient At-Home

Just because you're limited on time, doesn't mean you don't deserve quality workouts that consider your core & pelvic floor.

enrollment coming april 2024

With me going on maternity leave, I will be opening the doors sometime in April once I get a better idea of what my time commitment will look like as we add another member to our family.

There is a waitlist available to be notified when the doors will be opening and everyone on waitlist gets chance of getting first month completely FREE!

I Get It...

Before becoming a mom you were getting your workouts in on a regular basis. Maybe you were at the gym and maybe you were at home. You were able to spend an hour or more focusing on yourself whether through a class or doing your own thing. Now that you've become a mom, you struggle to find time for yourself, time to get a quality workout in, time to get to the gym, or all of the above.

You've heard of maximizing your time with less time and intensity, but struggle to see how you can get a quality workout in with limited equipment and the thought of doing all body weight exercises sounds boring.

And now that you've become a mom, you hear of these hot words like "diastasis", "coning", "the pelvic floor", "incontinence", "diaphragmatic breathing", and "inner core" and wonder what the buzz is all about.


You can become stronger & more functional with the time you have


Whether You're....

• A busy mom with limited time and or equipment

• Wanting to learn more about integrating your core & pelvic floor into exercise

• Looking to become more functional so your daily living is easier

• Wanting to diversify your workouts

• Tired of thinking about "What to do"

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proof that you can make it work with time you have

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Your Fitness Doesn't' Have to End Just Because Motherhood Began

Wailist Anchor

At-Home Workouts get a bad reputation. You think with limited equipment, how can one possible get a quality workout in.

You know you can't resort to all body weight exercises because they are either too easy for your current stage of motherhood or they are too demanding because you're just starting out

Doing high-impact exercises, such as jumping, sounds terrible because you know your knees and back will hurt and you're dealing with embarrassing leaking every time you jump

You know working out at-home is more feasible for this chapter in your life, but you you're looking for the same variety and challenge lifting in a gym provided

At-Home Workouts don't have to be boring or repetitive

I truly appreciate everything you do Ashton. You have helped me build so much confidence in my athleticism which is huge! I never considered myself an athlete, but the requirements for daily living, being a mom, let alone hiking and kayaking, really are athletic skills. Women do not look at themselves as athletes when they are just trying to survive the grind, but applying this mindset helps manage life without pain of potential injury


Pssst  You Can Have It All

With Resilient At-Home, you will find workouts that:

  • Provide intensity without all the constant jumping because you deserve better programming than that

  • Creatively use minimal equipment so you can use what you have at home or get in and out of the gym

  • Incorporate movements specifically designed for women so you feel confident knowing you're getting the most of your workouts with the time you have

  • Strengthen your inner core unit (pelvic floor, core, & breath) so you can live without pain, leaking, or dysfunction

  • Provide variety & spice so that you never get bored

  • Require no more than 45min of your time (avg. 35min) so that you can get on with your #momlife

  • Are designed by a real mom & personal trainer who UNDERSTANDS you want to become stronger, but also have mom responsibilities

A personal trainer who hated using minimal equipment & working out at home because I felt a "good" workout wasn't possible.


I then became a stay-at-home mom - nearest gym 20miles away with no childcare options. My gym days were over as I didn't have the time or resources (or energy if I'm being honest).

So I took concepts from the gym and began creatively mimicking them at home with equipment I had. I soon realized I could continue to build strength & began enjoying the flexibility of doing workouts that worked into my #momlife.

So I 100% get it - finding time when navigating mom life is hard. You are pulled in different directions, and when you finally do have time to workout out...

  • You may only have a pocket of time

  • You find yourself stumbling around wondering what to do

  • You scroll the internet for options, but come up short realizing you wasted half your precious time searching

  • You care about protecting your core and pelvic floor but have no idea what that even means or where to even start

Let me assure you that you can do quality workouts from home that build your strength & function while also integrating core and pelvic floor concepts during the pocket of time you have. If they gym is still your thing, these workouts will still work for you!


Stop stumbling around trying to figure out what to do when Resilient At-Home can do it all for you.


Hi, I'm Ashton

The attention to the supporting and stabilizing muscles is a necessity and the first time I've seen them emphasized. Base on my own experience of struggling for years with pain down my left side and having been treated by so many it was refreshing to be told here's how to work towards correcting the imbalance instead of adjusting things back in place or getting told to just foam roll more consistently. The concept of teaching women these skills pre, during, and post pregnancy is great as it is so important in a woman's life long pelvic floor health. I look forward in continuing to work with you in the future as I feel I've just barely scratched the surface of what I need to know in terms of strength training which becomes more and more critical the older I get.

Denise K.

Resilient At-Home Basic


tax included

Everything you need for quality workouts

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Resilient At-Home Exclusive


tax included

Everything in Basic, but with more support

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Resilient At-Home Info
Purchase Options


want a chance of winning your 1st month free?

Join the waitlist below to be the first to know when doors open. All waitlist participants have chance of winning first month completely FREE (with paid 2nd month)
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See For Yourself

What Other Mamas Are Experiencing


Equipment Needs

• 2 Resistance Bands - Light & Med

• 1 Resistance Band Door Anchor

(or other sturdy way to anchor at high, mid, & low spots)

  • Pilates Ball or Small Children's Ball

  • 3 Dumbbell Sets - Light/Moderate/Heavy

Light 5-8lbs / Moderate 8-15lbs / Heavy 10-30lbs

(or something similar)

• 1 Mini Loop Band - Light or Med

• Bench, chair, ottoman, or other sturdy platform

• Wooden Dowel - 1 x 30-48in

• Carabiner(s)

Program Ino

A Peek Inside

Voiced-Over Cueing With Each Exercise

what clients are saying about the voiced-over cueing

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Untitled (280 × 830 px) (3).png

How It Works

  1. Sign-Up. Enrollment is open only a few times a year to ensure each new group is getting high-touch on-boarding support 

  2. Reoccurring Payments. Payments will automatically run each month on your sign-up date.

  3. Get Your Info. Receive a welcome email from me within 48 hours with additional program registration including waiver, contract, & information with video tutorials on how to get your TrueCoach account set-up & Resilient Library log-in set up on my website.

  4. Set-Up TrueCoach Account. I'll send you walk-through videos to make the process easy. Once in, enjoy some sample workouts to further become familiar with the app until the start date.

  5. Log into The Resilient Library. I'll send you a walk-through video on how to become a member on my website for exclusive client-only access to videos on all things deep core, breath, posture, and form.

  6. Become Educated. Dive into The Resilient Library where you will find over 10 hours of learning videos teaching you about your deep core, breath, posture, and integration of those things into exercise. Also included is basic strength training form videos & concepts.

  7. Become RESILIENT! New workouts will drop by Sunday each week. They will be structured to M/W/F, but feel free to workout on whatever days work best in your schedule. And as long as you're a member, the workouts are always there for you to refer to if you want to workout more than 3x a week.

  8. Stay RESILIENT! With opportunities to learn more in monthly Zoom Calls and through feedback from myself, you'll become an expert in making adjustments that fit YOU.

  9. Cancel at Anytime. Of course I hope to never see you leave, but if you need to, you can cancel your membership anytime within 3 business days your payment date

Do you constantly search the internet looking for workout ideas?

Do you find yourself wasting time during a workout because you don't know what to do next?

Do you become overwhelmed with what to do when it comes to working out?

Do you dread or avoid working out because you're just not sure what to do?

Do you find yourself fearful of progression because you don't want to injure yourself?

Do you feel yourself constantly coming up empty in your workouts because they aren't stimulating anymore?

Do you want to set a healthy example for your kid(s)?

Do you have to workout with kids around?

Do you just want to put yourself first for once?

It's time, Mama, to start knowing WHAT to do with the time you have.



What Other Moms Are Saying


- Laury W

I really enjoyed the variety of workouts! I used to do Danette May and her workouts repeated too much for my liking. I also feel I'm working more muscle groups. Thank you!

Ashton’s program has been extremely insightful, she obviously has a ton of knowledge on both exercise foundation and workout structure, but also in incorporating the whole core and how to relate that to any stage of motherhood. She is approachable and will do her best to answer any questions along the way, I felt like I could message her about anything! Her program content is extremely valuable at all stages of life and motherhood, highly recommend!


- Kasey M

Time-Efficient, Effective Workouts Designed for Moms by a Mom

let's do this!

3 Workouts a Week


Education on how to strengthen your body inside & out

Support from a coach & mom who understands YOU!





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Schedule a FREE Discovery Call!

unsure? need to know more? 

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