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Your fitness doesn't have to end because motherhood began, even if you're longing to

hold a baby in your arms.


Because ALL Mamas Deserve


From 4 years of infertility treatment,

to IVF,

to pregnancy,

to postpartum,

to pregnancy loss,

 to pregnancy after loss, 

to delivering my rainbow baby

I can't say I know it all, but I can relate to most of it & your fitness matters no matter what chapter you're in.

pre-and-postnatal-fitness-coach (2).jpg

Hi Mama! I'm Ashton

NSCA certified personal trainer &

pregnancy & postpartum athleticism coach

Motherhood changes you in ways in which you never expect,ways that bring you exactly to where you're supposed to be.

Here's mine -

I am a boy mom blessed with 2 earthly hands to hold and a guardian angel to look over my family.

I never expected to experience infertility or undergo IVF. In fact, I never expected to get pregnant after that.

I'm a stay-at-home mom who walked away from a 11 year career in the fitness industry to watch my son grow up after saying, "I could never leave my job."

I never expected to be stuck on the toilet with my 6mon old crying on the floor because my low back hurt so bad.

I never expected to be peeing my pants when I coughed, sneezed or laughed.

I never expected to experience the utter embarrassment being told from a PT that my limbs are extremely strong, but my core is extremely weak."

I never expected to experience a 2nd term pregnancy loss.

I never expected to have my own business, but I what I learned through my career, experiences, & education is that all mamas deserve better.


I started Resilient Mama Fitness & Lifestyle to share education with other women. You deserve to understand about the inner strength your body possess. You deserve to know you don't have to live with chronic pain, with leaking, with painful sex, or a fear or hurting yourself.

Whether you're an exercise enthusiast or just want to live your life symptom free, you deserve to be empowered to make educated decisions for yourself in regards to movement as you navigate motherhood, because we all have experiences we never expected.

You can be Resilient Mama, let me help you!

What I Specialize In

Core Health

Pelvic Floor Considerations

Prenatal Fitness

Postnatal Fitness

Infertility & Pregnancy Loss

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