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Breath -
Your Most Powerful Tool

A LIVE Presentation from the comfort of your home.

Learn about the power of diaphragmatic breathing & how to apply it to your fitness in order to create function & stability.

Join Me on
Sunday March 20th from 6-8pm
Tuesday March 22nd from 7-9pm

Your diaphragmatic breath is the most powerful tool you have when it comes to creating stability & function in the body. But did you know most people no longer diaphragmatically breathe? Learn why this happens and how to reestablish this breathing in your life while also expanding it to create core engagements to support you in movement.

Watch Info Video

"Breath - Your Most Powerful Tool" will cover -

Why Should I Join?

  • You're a woman tired of living with incontinence, a non-functioning diastasis, or low back pain

  • You're a woman ready to feel stronger at home & in the weight room

  • You're a woman who wants to protect & strengthen your pelvic floor

  • You're a woman who just wants to train & live smarter

$20 Investment


Can't Make the Live Presentation?

No Problem!

A recording of the video will be sent out and available for 1 week after the presentation date

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