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Resilient Consultations

You have a fitness routine or programming you're loving, but you still have questions. You're experiencing symptoms or want to ensure you're performing your movements in a way that supports your body now and sets you up for years of athleticism.


i'm currently not taking on any more resilient consultations until after i have had the baby and have transitioned at home for a while. if you're still interested in booking one for when i return, please fill out the form below and i will reach out to you once i'm ready. thank you for your understanding.

"You deserve answers to your questions & solutions to your symptoms you're experiencing"


I Get It.....

You have your own fitness thing. You're loving it and it's working for you, so you don't need or want (that's totally okay too) my programming. But you're still curious about all this core and pelvic floor stuff and want to learn more on protecting these vulnerable systems within your workouts.

Or maybe you're experiencing symptoms within your daily living or with a particular exercise and you want help troubleshooting what could be contributing to your dysfunction.

This is EXACTLY why I created the Resilient Consultation! It's for the Mama who still wants individualized answers too, so she can make empowered decisions as she navigates the chapters of motherhood.

get the individualized answers you deserve

& I'm on a mission to ensure that no Mama has to say, "If only I had known."

Before I ever became pregnant at the age of 28, I had hernia surgery at the age of 23, pain with intercourse, and low back pain that came and went. After my pregnancy, I began experiencing leaking with movements and sneezing and my low back pain became debilitating. 

As I began find answers for myself and heal my body, the only thing I kept saying was...."WHY has no one ever told me these things?!" And more importantly, "WHY are these things not being shared?!?"

And that is my mission - to ensure that no Mama has to say, "if only I had known"

The health and function of your pelvic floor and core aren't a "pregnancy" thing or a "postpartum" thing. They are a FEMALE thing and I want every Mama to learn of the inner strength and function her body possess so she can do the things she loves without pain or dysfunction for as long as she wants.

Hi! I'm Ashton,

In a Resilient Consultation we'll dive into...

How It Works

  1. Book Your Resilient Consultation. Once paid, you'll receive a email from me within 24 business hours with my scheduling link, quick intake form so I know what you need help with, and instructions for submitting your breathing video.

  2. Submit Your Video. Record your breathing video and upload to Google Drive at least 48 hours before your consultation

  3. Become RESILIENT. In your Resilient Consultation you'll learn what could be causing your dysfunction or what could contribute to dysfunction in the future. We'll chat about your daily tendencies, core and pelvic floor function, and how your breath is intertwined within it all.

  4. Receive Individualized Support. This call is 100% about YOU! This is your time to ask the questions that you've been curious about in your body. If you're experiencing symptoms or symptom with a particular exercise or movement, let's take a further look. If you're navigating a particular chapter of motherhood, let's chat about it.

  5. Review. Because I don't want you frantically trying to remember everything, I will record our consultation and provide your with a private link for you to view and look back on whenever you need.

  6. Follow-Up. Again, because I don't want you trying to remember everything, I will send you a typed up follow-up of our consultation with main points for making adjustments as well as additional exercises and technique graphics to help you build and improve function.

  7. Stay RESILIENT. I always say, I'm more than a coach that just gives you workouts. I'm here for you to ask questions as you go and refer back to as you implement the strategies even after our call. I want every Mama to feel supported no matter if she is doing my programming or not.

More Info

Schedule a FREE Discovery Call!

unsure? need to know more? 

Who's This For?

The Mama...

  • wanting to learn more about how to protect her core & pelvic floor during exercise

  • experiencing symptoms with a particular movement 

  • experiencing dysfunction within daily living

  • wanting to know what she can do in early postpartum

  • wanting to know how to adjust exercises for pregnancy

  • navigating infertility treatments such as IVF or ovulation-boosting medications

  • wanting to know how to adjust when struggling to conceive

  • who has experienced pregnancy loss and wants support returning to exercise (please take advantage of Gabriel's Guide which is a FREE 30+ page guide I made specifically for mamas who have experienced pregnancy loss)

$189 Investment


Because no Mama should ever say

"If only I had known"

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