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Mobility Guide

For Pregnancy & Delivery

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the often forgotten part of prenatal training is releasing the

Having a strong pelvic floor is great, but not when it comes to labor. Instead, you need a pelvic floor that is able to release and let go so that the uterus can push baby out.

This is where mobilities come into play. Not only are they important for helping to minimize the common aches and pains of pregnancy such as low back pain, but they can help you prepare your body for labor by utilizing positioning and breathing to release your pelvic floor.

This easy-to-follow guide helps to make the implementation of mobilities easy and stress free so that you can start today!

Pelvic Floor

"You can't train for labor, but you can prepare for it"

The Breakdown

This 55+ page guide are the exact mobilities I've been utilizing within my last 2 pregnancies to help alleviate aches & pains and also promote baby's positioning.

Inside you'll find:

  • How to implement mobilities into your programming

  • A breakdown of how to get the most out of your mobilities

  • Easy to follow guidance on what each mobility supports to you support your body with what it's needing

  • Education on how the pelvis moves and how that connects to labor

  • 43 mobilities with pictures, written how-to-perform descriptions and a demo video

  • 6 sample mobility sessions 


Even if you're scheduling a caesarean, you need mobilities


Because your body is still under-going pregnancy in the exact same way as someone planning a vaginal delivery. Not only do they help you feel better in your pregnancy overall by minimizing pain and creating space to move better, but they also help set you up for postpartum with a body that moves well.

what does my investment get me?

Immediate access to download the guide

43 mobilities that target pelvis mobility, pelvic floor release, encourage baby's positioning and pregnancy aches and pains

Pictures, written coaching cues, and video demos with each one

Easy to implement instructions to make the barrier to implement low

Free access to any future versions or updates to the guide

all that for just $32 (tax included)


Who's This For?

  • Any Expecting Mama - It is never too late or too early to start mobilities

  • The Scheduled C-Section Mama - Your pregnancy body still needs release and lengthening to feel it's best

  • Fitness Coach Working with Prenatal Population - Expand your exercise library or education if pelvic floor and labor prep is new to you

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