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A 2-part workshop to learn about the adjustments women should be making in their lifting to protect their core & pelvic floor. Come learn how to set yourself up, breathe, and engage your core so that your exercises work for you, not against, to minimize and eliminate pain, leaking, and dysfunction.

Thursday May 16: 6:30-8:30pm
Saturday May 18: 8:30-10:30am

Gem Nutrition 108 S Main St. Paullina IA

Do you experience leaking, sudden urge to pee, or pelvic floor heaviness with different exercises? Does your low back or knees begin to bother you during your workouts? Do you experience these symptoms later in your day? Do you have a diastasis? Or maybe you’ve heard about “protecting your core & pelvic floor” when you lift but don’t know where to begin. Maybe you just want to learn how I lift?


No matter your reason, women have special considerations when it comes to how we lift and perform plyometrics. Join me in a 2-PART SERIES as I break down the most common exercises and teach you set-up, breathing, and core engagement strategies so you can begin lifting in confidence and without fear of pain, leaking, or dysfunction.

$50 Investment

This workshop was awesome! It was so interesting to hear a new perspective on the movements I do and coach everyday. From the perspective of the women’s body and how to best support our core and being mindful of our pelvic floor and how it relates to each movement. I was hoping there would be a survey so I could brag on Ashton! Her passion for this subject is so obvious and contagious! Very knowledgable and teaches well. The hands on experience was also so important to me to really grasp the concepts and techniques. I think all women should take this workshop as it relates to what we do in the gym as well as in our everyday lives. I recently read the statistics that 46% of women don’t exercise due to pelvic floor issues/related symptoms. This is the antithesis to that! As a coach I am excited to try and pass on the info and as a women I feel way more conscious of how I should be positioning my body. Thank you so much for your hard work and time put into this! Can’t wait for the opportunity to take another workshop by you!

Victoria N.

Strength Training Considerations for Women will cover...

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The correct breath and stabilization makes a world of difference in some many areas of life. I have been working with Ashton for nearly two years, though a good portion of that was a support as I went through a serious decline in health and strength from an unexpected heart condition; she was ever present in her support and encouragement. I originally turned to Ashton for assistance for my lacking strength training and as an avid aging cyclist, it was essential to advance my skill set in this area. I have learned a great deal in terms of correct form, position, breath work, and the integral role of supporter muscles. So with everything I had already learned, I went into this with a curiosity of what new nuggets of information may be gleaned. I was not disappointed. The first was with “bird dog'' pushing the heal down and back as if pushing against a wall that kept my hips in a stacked position versus the back arching. I have always felt I was doing it right, yet using this cueing allowed me to feel a dramatic difference in stability. The second nugget came from completing a squat with the focus being “pushing the body up”. Again, I have been doing squats for years and WOW I could really feel it in the glutes versus the quads. I am super excited to see how this change shifts things on the bike for me! :) The final nugget of information came in terms of the arm position on the squat jumps. Oh my goodness, it never ceases to amaze me how just a small shift in placement can make such a big difference. Keeping my arms in line with my ears rather than straight up as I have nearly always done before not only kept my chest in line better, but removed the arch in my back. These small shifts are already having a big impact on training.

Denise K.

why should i join?

  • You're a woman experiencing leaking, sudden urge to pee, or pelvic floor heaviness with different exercises

  • You're a woman who is experiencing low back, hip, or knee pain during or after workouts

  • You're a woman who experiences these symptoms later in your day

  • You're a woman tired of living in fear of when you're going to leak again or experience knee, hip, or low back pain

  • You're a woman who wants to protect your core & pelvic floor

  • You're a woman who is feeling overwhelmed with core & pelvic floor integration into your workouts

If you said yes, to any of the need this workshop!


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