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Fitness During Pregnancy

A in-person workshop for any expecting or planning to become pregnant mama. Walk away with tools to safely continue working out or begin working out throughout your pregnancy and what "listening to your body" means. Workshop will also cover core and pelvic floor integration, mobility for pregnancy, and lifestyle adjustments.


You're Pregnant...

not broken,

but not invincible either

Exercise during pregnancy isn’t a one size fits all. Learning how to make adjustments to your fitness routine involves listening to your body, but do you know what that means? Join me as I teach you what “listening to your body" means and how you can continue fitness while still honoring this beautiful chapter of motherhood. You’ll learn how to protect your core and pelvic floor and how to make adjustments to your fitness routine that consider your core health and growing baby. The workshop will also cover lifestyle adjustments and mobility work you can incorporate to help you move better and encourage baby’s positioning. All expecting or plan-to-be expecting mamas encouraged to attend!

"Fitness During Pregnancy isn't so much about what you do or don't do, it's about HOW you do it."

Fitness During Pregnancy Workshop Will Cover...

Workshop Dates

Who's This For?

  • Any expecting mama - It is never too late to make adjustments

  • Any planning-to-become pregnant mama - Learn now so you can implement from the day you find out you're pregnant

  • Any trainer who works with mamas - Expand your knowledge in how working with this population is different

$75 Investment


Stange Chiropractic Workshop

February 25th

8:30am - 11:30am



Can't Make a Date?

No Problem!

Shoot me an email letting me know you're interested and I can personally set something up for you.

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